Carefully prepared


  • DOP Ascolana Olive of Piceno in brine

    The drupes, with their delicate fleshy pulp, are picked by hand when they are still green; they are then debittered with soda, washed with water, and finally preserved in a brine flavored with wild fennel. Excellent to be filled with meat and as an aperitif.

  • Stuffed DOP Ascolana Olive of Piceno

    It is the queen of fritto misto all'ascolana; pitted and then stuffed with strictly traceable meats, it is breaded and fried in hot oil. Excellent as an appetizer accompanied by local white wines.

  • DOP Ascolana olive of Piceno au natural

    The debittering is, for this product, obtained with a solution containing only 8% salt. With this system, compared to that with soda, the olives maintain a greater biological value. They are suitable as aperitifs.


Both fresh and frozen

Available products

  • Stuffed olives all'ascolana

    The use of Italian olives, properly selected by the company and the same meat filling used for the DOP line, give the product excellent organoleptic qualities.

  • Truffled olives

    The addition of truffle to the meat filling is the secret of an old Ascolan recipe that gives that strong flavor, characteristic of the mushroom. The breading with black bread makes the olive similar to the truffle.

  • Cremini all'ascolana

    The coating of an excellent custard scented with Anisetta Meletti, makes these little logs, once fried, incomparable for softness and fragrance. Suitable for frying with oline, they can be served as desserts.

  • Breaded mozzarelline

    The quality of the mozzarella, coming from local companies and the accuracy of the preparation, make this product of excellent quality. Suitable to complete a fry of olives and cremini or as an aperitif.

  • Breaded pecorino cheese

    The use of percorino cheese from local farms gives the product a strong and distinct taste. Suitable to complete fried olives, cremini and mozzarella. Excellent as an aperitif accompanied by a local red wine.

  • Saltimbocca

    Tasty appetizer composed of a pitted olliva, marinated chicken breast and mixed cheese. Suitable for both baking and frying. It can be a second course or served as an appetizer.

Products on order

  • Vegetarian olives

    Stuffed olives dedicated to those who do not like meat, it is filled with fresh boiled vegetables (chard and chicory) sautéed in a pan with garden herbs and topped with Parmesan cheese. Characteristic green breadcrumbs.

  • Cheese olives

    Tasty variant of the classic stuffed olive. The pitted olive, variety S. Agostino, is filled by hand with four different cheeses chopped and mixed. Ideal for aperitifs and appetizers.

From the
olive tree

  • Undrained black olive

    Olives for oil, harvested ripe, are treated with salt and placed in special containers at low temperatures. After a careful processing that provides continuous stirring and addition of salt, the olives are ready, tasty and delicious to be seasoned with orange, garlic and oil.

  • Spicy green olives

    Soft ascolana olive previously put in brine, is then seasoned with sunflower seed oil, oregano, chilli pepper, excellent to accompany a bruschetta or as an aperitif.

  • Tender ascolana monovarietal EVO oil

    It is an oil with a fruity flavor, fresh, with hints of tomato leaves and artichoke0fo, slightly bitter and spicy. Its nutritional and biological characteristics are remarkable.